Monday, November 29, 2010

Multi-media elements

Scrapbooking is all about the photos and telling a story through journalling.  I love that.  But other multi-medial elements can be incorporated to enhance the story-telling.

In the first layout 'Blowing Bubbles', I used an audio recording of my daughter as a baby, blowing raspberries.  It brings a fun interactive component to the layout plus it is a memorable moment that is preserved. 

I picked up the flat sound card from craft store Spotlight, the batteries last for years and its re-recordable.  I used a Making Memories Page Pebble over the top of the play button with the word 'Push' to start the audio recording.

Blowing Bubbles with audio recording

In the next layout 'Look at me!', I had videoed my daughters' first steps as well as taken photo's. The DVD sits in a pocket and can be easily removed for viewing.  The DVD is not just memrobilia but also is functional as an embellishment and title.

Look at me! with DVD movie


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