Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hmmm, Cadburys...

Whenever I see the deepest purple I think of Cadburys.  So when I was scrapping some pics of my sons first Easter, I was inspired by his Easter stash. 

I found that although I have alot of purple embellishments getting the right Cadbury's purple was quite difficult.  On a hunt for Cadbury purple I found ribbon, a pipe-cleaner, embossing powder Opals 'Lily Pilly' and metallic paint. I also decided to use the Cadburys foil from a king sized block (which just happened to be in my pantry).

The cool technique I used on this layout involved my retro Dymo labeller.  I typed in my journalling and then wrapped foil around each strip.  By rubbing over the top, the embossed words show up quite well.  I wiped a bit of metallic paint over the top to make it stand out a bit better (The photo doesn't do it justice).  It's readable but wouldn't be great for lots of journalling.

The sketch I used was from the SBO Friday Night Challenge


Journalling on aluminium foil covered Dymo labels

The journalling reads "Mum stole all the chocolate.  I got to keep the bunny."  Lachie was only 8 months old so I thought it was only good parenting to prevent him from over-indulging.  My motives were pure...


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