Monday, November 22, 2010

Cute Christmas gifts

PIn need of some inexpensive and thoughtful presents this year for Christmas???  Well these 'Cookie in a jar' presents are just the thing.  A friend suggested this idea and I made these last year for family and was thrilled with how they turned out.

There are heaps of websites with 'Cookie in a Jar' recipes such as Family Crafts.  Some websites include recipe tags which you can print out, making it even easier.

I used the large 200g Moccona jars, ribbon and rafia to deocorate.  Each jar had a tag with instructions and what 'wet' ingredients to add.  I made a separate complete recipe card and laminated it and the tag.  I also included a cookie cutter or wooden spoon to go with each jar.

The M&M cookie jar was my favourite as the M&Ms were so colourful.  The tag was very simple - a circle with a letter M on it (just like an M&M).  The recipe card was also very easy - a circle with punched circles of various colours (to look like the finished cookie).

M&M cookie jar

Although the ingredient jar is not quite so colourful, the gingerbread decorations are super cute!  I used a Cricut (cartridge My Community) to make the gingerbread man tag and gingerbread house recipe card.

Gingerbread cookie jar

I hope you try making these fun gifts - fun to make and fun to eat!


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